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Important message for all our Guests

At this time, more than ever, safety is the key word and we want to reassure our Guests and our Staff: Hotel Ripa Roma takes care of people. Ensuring comfort safety and wellbeing, has always been of primary importance to us and we give utmost relevance to flexibility in travel. Due to the uncertain period we are passing through, we have revised our booking policies in order to ensure our customers to plan and review travel plans.

Hotel Ripa Roma remained open throughout this period, therefore we constantly update our safety standards and we are always at your disposal to assist you and clarify any doubt you might have.
Our Guests are welcome in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you,

Hotel Ripa Roma Management and the Staff


Health and Safety Measures

We constantly update our safety and health measures, following the guidelines suggested by the main international organization WHO and by the local authorities. We are daily reported with developments concerning the Covid situation and we consequently adapt and increase our measures.

Our Guests can find sanitizing gel in all common areas and we provide personal sanitizing kit in all bedrooms, masks are available at the reception desk.

Reservation and Cancellation Policy

We have adopted a very flexible cancellation and modification policy, to allow our Guests to reschedule or cancel their stay at hotel Ripa Roma.

We are doing our best to provide a safe and pleasant stay at our hotel while maintaining our usual standard of hospitality that has set us apart for years, despite the restrictions in place.