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Rome Boat Experience

It's time to ride'n sail

Rome Boat Experience is the newest way to discover Rome and his hidden treasures.

Since Rome’s foundation around 753 B.C., Tiber has played a main role in the expansion and the survive of the city, his flow run from the shores of Ostia to the deep guts of the center of Rome, touching beautiful places like Isola Tiberina, Piazza del Popolo, Castel S’Angelo, Vatican City, and many more, plus the several amazing bridges visible from the boat. 

The Modern Tiber is a splendid way to watch the less known part of Rome, discover new points of view, have a relaxing and interesting trip, to better understand our history and old time habits, or to live a romantic adventure.

The Tiber is within a walking distance from the Hotel Ripa Roma. Book your different stay!

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