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Hotel near Colosseum, Rome, reserve your stay in Trastevere

Get the most of your vacation and book your suite in the most modern Hotel near Colosseum, Rome will definitely leave you breathless! Enjoy the strategic location of Hotel Ripa Roma, in Trastevere: the Colosseum is just within a walking distance.

Ask our staff for every information you need, such as about the entrance fee, the possibility of getting a discount ticket, or in order to select the most suitable guided tour to the Roman Forum. Here's our first suggestion: buy the tickets in advance online or from Palatine Hill (via San Giorgio 30 and Piazza Santa Maria Nuova 53) and skip the long line.

The Colosseum, also famous as Flavian Theater, is the largest amphitheater of the Roman world: it could hold 50000 people! It's located along the Via dei Fori Imperiali and it's the main symbol of the Eternal City. The Emperor Vespasian started to build it in 72 Ad, while Titus concluded the work a decade later. For 450 years it hosted fights between gladiators or against wild animals (like lions, elephants, bears and tigers, this exhibition was called "venationes") for the enjoyment of the inhabitants of the "Urbe".

Did you know the "Naumachie"? It was a fabulous spectacle, a real naval combat in the arena, filled with water for the occasion. Under the arena were many corridors and rooms used for housing men and ferocious beasts. If you have only one day to visit the Italian Capital, it's a "must to see", specially at night: one of the most romantic view of the town!

Your perfect journey at our hotel in Trastevere Rome. We believe in forge strong relationship with our guests, our mission in to plan together your ideal holiday!

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