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Have a breakfast of our hotel near the Jewish ghetto and then start exploring Rome!

Book your stay in our Hotel near the Jewish Ghetto in Rome and discover one of the most charming quarter of the Eternal City, really close to Trastevere district! Take a walking tour and explore the streets of the oldest Jewish Community of Europe, if you are looking for a guided visit, we recommend to follow Micaela Pavoncello: in half a day she will show you all the best highlights of this area, telling all the stories and the legends from the Roman Emperor Era to today.

Among all the things to see we can start with the Teatro Marcello, known as the little Coliseum. It's an open-air theater that once held 11000 to 20000 spectators. Nowadays, during summer, you can enjoy many exhibitions too. On the top floor the are several stunning apartments isn't it strange and curious?

Meet the Bocca della Verità! It's a sculpture, may be of the first decade BC, considered in the ancient times as a "lie detector". People believed that if you told a lie with the hand inside the mouth of sculpture, your hand would be bitten off! Is it true? Well, you have to try.

Admire the Turtle Fountain (the turtles are made by Bernini in 1658) and then reach the Portico d'Ottavia, one of the most interesting ruins in Italy. This porch dates back to the 2nd century BC. Take a walk around it and figure out its dimensions, its beauty and then try to imagine this building in the past. Just an information: in the Middle Ages a large fish market and a church were built on this ruin.

Time to have lunch? Our advice is the modern restaurant of our hotel, Ripa Place, it's perfect to eat some delicious meals in a warm atmosphere. But if you want to live a perfect "ghetto experience", if you look for some kosher restaurants, we suggest: Taverna del Ghetto, Nonna Betta and Sora Margherita. Don't miss the famous bakery Boccione and taste the "Pizza ebraica" (but also the "Bruscolini", characteristic biscuits made only after the 4 pm).

Don't forget we are waiting for you in the Italian Capital and reserve your stay in our Hotel in Trastevere Rome!

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